Garden Safety

The last event that any person would desire is an accident in the garden. Accidents are preferred to be avoided and at least minimized. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offers some degree of protection against a host of garden hazards. Enclosed shoes or boots protect the feet and ankles. Head covering with a wide brim should be preferred on sunny days. Bump caps or hard hats are very useful to protect the  head from tree branches, especially during fruit picking. Safety glasses, goggles or face-shield can be a valuable barrier against flying vegetation, including earth thrown up by pulling unwanted plants. It may be hot but long trousers and long sleeved shirts are good to reduce abrasion from garden implements, livestock and vegetation. Last, but not least is protection for two essential members of the body; the hands. Leather palm and cotton gloves are economical and provide relatively good protection for the price. Having stated the above, always plan never to leave the house without your "body armor."