Capitalism Guarantees

Capitalism and the golden rule brings a world of technology and comforts. When capitalism aims to increase productivity with automation where is the worker, the people? Capitalism does not guarantee that every willing and able worker will be hired for a wage to satisfy the cost of living. Our livelihood is guaranteed under capitalism only when the capitalist, who has the means of production and the currency to but the product  invites you and I to participate in the process of demand and supply. What if robots did most of the labor? Where does that leave you and I? Inefficiency in the modern economy is making way for people; the driving force according to Averitt Express : The overflow of people from an efficient economy must become self reliant on the GARDEN that capitalism helped to establish in the short run for the people's benefit in the long run. Alternatively, public assistance may be an option if enough people are still employed to the capitalist; other abject poverty would set in. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA .